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This oven for powder-lacquering alloy wheels has a compact design and allows you to powder-coat up to five sets of wheels daily, each with a diameter of up to 23”. It can be used for wet clearing as well as baking powder-coating and lacquering diamond-cut alloy wheels.

It’s user-friendly and easy to control, with no manual lifting of heavy alloy wheels – instead there are four adjustable mobile trolleys, to help keep your staff members safe.

Diamond-cutting wheels but struggling to get that perfect OEM finish with lacquer? This is the oven for you.

Prepare primer, base coat and lacquer paint layers, bake and finish the wheel without having to take it off the trolley. Each wheel has its own temperature and bake time, and alarm.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: H:1740 W:3630 D:820
  • Supply: 3x400V 50Hz
  • Range of temperature: 60-200°C
  • Consumption: 11600W (2900W each)
  • Weight ca. 350KG
  • Product code T026


  • A display control panel with timer
  • Integrated sensor to measure wheel temperature
  • Superb insulation and cabinet design
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • A solid build
  • Trolley designed to pushed inside the oven
  • High-quality, clean results
  • Desired range of temperature: 60-200°C
  • Manufactured in Europe by F.A.W.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Experienced wheel painter can powder coat up to 5 sets (20 alloy wheels) on full day shift using FAW Cure 1400 oven, extra four trolleys T019 and quality powder coating gun system T036 (supplied by F.A.W.). We can provide a full training which includes an introduction to powder coating and best techniques of powder application.